TDM (Time Division Multiplexers) VoIP vs PBX, also known as PBX or Private Branch Exchanges, have seen great improvements in traditional phone systems. They have become a digital delivery system for voice communications and multimedia sessions called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Industry experts say two growing trends are the elimination of hardware and the …

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SIP Best Practices

SIP Practices Session Initiation Protocols are an important part of Voice over Internet Protocols. The network equipment is complex, supporting a wide variety of functions that sometimes clash. Businesses find themselves using less efficient solutions. These are tips to help your company maximize its SIP investment. What are Session Initiation Protocols(SIP)? The brain behind VoIP …

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Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud Phone System for Business Today’s technology innovations allow companies to migrate to a cloud-based communication system that provides greater functionality and productivity. Cloud phone systems are not like traditional landline phone systems. The service is managed remotely through a cloud-phone provider. This helps to reduce the costs of on-premises maintenance and equipment. This results …

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How Cloud Computing Help Small Business

Cloud computing has been an exciting topic for large multinational businesses for years. Cloud computing can be described as allowing them to access the resources and software they need to create and run certain parts of their business. Amazon and Salesforce have made it possible to transform traditional technology into value-added solutions through the shift …

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How Does VoIP Connect to Landlines?

VoIP is a vast upgrade to telecommunications. There are many differences between VoIP and PSTN phone systems. However, the user experience while calling is unchanged. VoIP is the future technology for communication. Everyone will soon adopt VoIP. VoIP is different than traditional landline telephones. VoIP transmits calls via the internet while traditional landline telephones use copper lines …

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