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VoIP Problems And Their Solution

Common VoIP Problems And Their Solution

VoIP Problems And Their Solution, Business communications have evolved to include cloud-based VoIP services. VoIP (or Voice over Internet Protocol) is a cloud-based phone system that handles both inbound as well as outbound calls over the Internet. But VoIP solutions allow users the ability to make and accept voice calls through their smart devices (computers, mobile phones, etc.). VoIP is a technology that both businesses and consumers can use.

VoIP Problems And Their Solution services are more popular than traditional phone systems for modern businesses of any size. It is easy to understand why. They have the ability to leverage capabilities such as call routing, call forwarding, auto-attendants, DND, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), etc. It’s possible to do so without breaking the bank. These features help improve productivity and enable employees to take calls from anywhere on the Internet. These features are great for remote work and both in-office models.

VoIP solutions make it easy for businesses to use, but they have limitations. The good news? Your provider can resolve these issues for you, and you don’t even need to hire support personnel. This blog will provide information on common VoIP problems and solutions.

Network and local network issues

This is one common problem with VoIP solutions. Network issues refer to problems between personal computers and equipment (like routers or modems that connect them to the Internet). For example, a router may not work properly or be incompatible.

It is important to have a router that prioritizes VoIP calls over the less critical network traffic. This will ensure efficient VoIP performance. This method of prioritizing network traffic is known as Quality of Service.

How to fix it
  • Reset the router and computer to test the wiring
  • Upgrade your router
  • Your router should configure for VoIP prioritization
  • You might disable the SIP layer gateway

Choppy Audio

A choppy audio conversation refers to a distorted voice or missing words during a call. Unstable bandwidth and packet loss are two of the main reasons for choppy music. It doesn’t necessarily mean there is too little or too slow Internet traffic. It means that there are other applications using bandwidth simultaneously.

How can it be fixed?
  • Turn off all devices that connect to the network
  • Get a speed test of your bandwidth
  • Verify whether there are other applications running simultaneously
  • Install anti-malware to test for malware.
  • To prioritize voice apps, configure the router’s quality of service.


Echo is when you hear your voice being repeated over a call. It is also found in traditional telephone networks, but it is not detected due to low latency. Echo can be caused by a number of factors, including an obsolete device, headset latency, or network latency. VoIP Problems And Their Solution, the latency determines the echo. The echo is proportional to latency.

How do you fix this?
  • Keep your router far from the computer’s screen.
  • You must ensure the cables remain protected from moisture and are not too long.
  • You must disconnect any caller identification devices connected to the router.
  • If it’s not working properly, replace it.
  • Protect the mouthpiece in your phone

Jitter or data loss

Jitter occurs when the arrival time of data packets varies. The jitter buffer collects data packets and continually sends them out to the receiver, so they have a clear conversation. VoIP Problems And Their Solution, When the jitter buffer is not correctly configured, it can lead to dropped packets as well as low-quality voice call quality.

Here’s how this can be fixed
  • Verify that the router is correctly connected to the chords
  • Make sure to update your software before you restart the application
  • Upgrade your hardware
  • Check your wifi connection
  • Address the bandwidth configuration
  • To assess your network security vulnerability, make sure you have an anti-virus installed.

Voicemail takes calls

If voicemail is the only option, you may face serious problems. Callers won’t be able to call you back, and your customer services delivery will greatly affect you. Your reputation will suffer as callers will feel disappointed.

To fix them
  • Check that your VoIP provider has registered your phone
  • Verify if your device is set to Do Not Disturb (DND).
  • Recheck your call forwarding setup and confirm that your phones remain connected


Latency describes the time it takes for audio data (audio) to move from a phone/computer to your headphones. In simpler terms, latency is the audio delay callers generally experience.

The severity of the lag will depend on the headsets, network, and device. Your device must regularly update to avoid latency.

These are some methods to fix latency

  • Make sure you have enough bandwidth
  • Disconnect all unused devices
  • Upgrading your router or hardware
  • You should verify the quality and reliability of the service setting
  • Check with your service providers

The call connects to no sound

If “Can You Hear Me” is something you repeatedly repeat in your calls, then it’s possible that the voice messages are only moving in one direction.

It could be one-way audio calls where one person is unable or not to hear the other.

Such problems can occur when firewalls prevent RTP packets from reaching their destination.

To fix them
  • For any problems with your phone or the earpieces on your handset, check out this article.
  • Simpler LAN connection.
  • Reconfigure LAN networks


VoIP problems and their solution the future of business communication. It makes it possible for employees, managers, associates, and managers to collaborate and communicate with their clients. Clients can reach you quicker, have better customer service, and stay with you longer. VoIP problems and their solution are simple to solve without any external help. Mera Talk has the best VoIP solutions. Our customer support is outstanding and will make sure your business runs without any interruption.

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