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VoIP Call Recording

VoIP Call Recording

What does VoIP Call Recording mean?

VoIP Call Recording solutions work similarly to any other recording device but are much more sophisticated. It’s a business app that has proven valuable for improving customer service and overall business efficiency. VoIP call recording or hosted-PBX call recording can be a fully optimized tool. This software uses recording software, which provides valuable information you can review and analyze at your convenience.

Call recording can be activated for one line. This will capture all outbound and inbound calls and convert them into voice data files. The application can either manually or automatically categorize and store the data in one of many file formats. Data can play instantly or at a later point. Calls can record completely in the cloud, or on-premises, depending on your phone system. VoIP call recording software is available.


The benefits of recording business calls are numerous. Many businesses find call recording a necessity due to new laws. Even those outside of tightly regulated industries is quickly discovering the added benefits these features offer. While many companies will be able to point out specific benefits, there are a few that can be found here.

  • It’s easy to set it up and even simpler to use. VoIP call recording records and saves voice data according to your settings. Once call recording has been established, you only need to make use of the recordings.
  • The ability to review customer calls instantly and to give feedback to employees about customer satisfaction will help you improve your customer experience. Happy customers mean happy business owners.
  • Customers can quickly and efficiently access recorded recordings to resolve disputes. Things happen. With the ability to quickly revisit any issue and resolve it immediately.
  • You can earn customer loyalty and trust by encrypting their most sensitive information. The professionalism of encrypting call recordings as well as the details that accompany them is impressive. Your customers will be very grateful.
  • Protect information and avoid fines. Just a few of the compliance regulations you might have to deal with are the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. (PCI-DSS), The Sarbanes-Oxley Act. (SOX), Financial Services Authority. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. (FDCPA), Health Insurance Portability. and Accountability Act. (HIPAA). Keep your business covered by using call recording software that conforms with these standards.


The use of call recording software can help companies improve their bottom line. Any company that deals with customers via phone can benefit from a better understanding of its daily operations. Future-oriented business owners will find VoIP call recording a useful tool that can help them improve their level of service. The key to long-term success is a higher service level.

Meratalk VoIP Call Recording allows you to seamlessly record and monitor phone conversations. It’s available on a number of reliable, scalable, and networkable recording devices. This solution can also deploy in a private, public, or cloud environment. Meratalk ‘s MiVoice call recording offers unique advantages.

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